Different Types of Disposable Incontinence Products for Men and Women

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‚ÄčIncontinence, or the inability to control your bladder and bowels, is a very embarrassing problem to have. It can lower your self-confidence and deter you from wanting to go out and be social. First of all, know that you are not alone. Incontinency affects more people than you realize: one in four women and one in ten men experience minor leakage issues sometime in their lives.

For some, the problem can be greatly improved or even completely cured through pelvic floor exercises (such as Kegels) that strengthen the pelvic muscles. For others, the problem will continue on some level. If you fall in that category, the good news is that there are various types of disposable incontinence products, such as incontinence bed pads and regular pads for men and women that allow you to live a healthy and active lifestyle.

Incontinence Pads


Incontinence Pads

Incontinence pads are not similar to feminine sanitary napkins as the name suggests. They are designed like nappies, with double Velcro tape closures for added security. They are extremely absorbent and have 3D partition leakage protection to guarantee you don’t have an accident. They have odour-reducing technology and are very hygienic through the antibacterial polymer in the absorbent layer. They can even come with embossed channels and a wetness indicator to make it easier to tell when you need to change your pad.

Just as with baby nappies, adult nappies can be unisex. They are ergonomically designed for use by both men and women for greater convenience and comfort. However, they come in different sizes to ensure the best fit and protection. They are best for those with high bladder leakage or bowel incontinency.


Incontinence Pullups

Incontinence pullups are similar to nappies except they pull up (hence the name) like underwear. The elastic, gathered waistband is super soft so it won’t irritate you. The leg guards are leak proof to avoid accidents. Pullups can be unisex as well and come in various sizes to ensure proper fit both for protection and comfort. Like incontinence pads, they are antibacterial and odour reducing and have a wetness indicator and embossed channels. However, they only hold half the volume of fluid, so they are best for those who have less severe incontinency or are able to change the pullups often. Their fit and lightness make them the perfect product for living an active lifestyle.


Incontinence Booster Pads

Booster pads, or inserts, provide the protective boost you need without having to wear a full nappy. They are similar to feminine sanitary pads and are antibacterial. They have adhesive tape to secure them to your underwear so they don’t move around. They have gathered sides to ensure a better fit and containment of leakage. They are slim to be more discreet and comfortable.  Booster pads are the best product to use if you experience only minor bladder control problems since they also only hold half the volume of fluid that incontinence pads do.


Incontinence Bed Pads

Nighttime incontinency can be an extra hassle since you go for longer periods of time between changing nappies. Bed pads offer the perfect solution. They are made from extremely soft, low-lint, non-woven rayon and have a very strong absorbent layer. They spread the fluid to prevent it from soaking through one spot and then pull it to the bottom immediately so you don’t feel the wetness. The fluid is locked in through a waterproof polyethylene backing so none of it leaks to the rest of your bed. They are large enough to catch and hold leakage but not too large that you can’t enjoy sleeping on your bed.


Incontinence Wipes

While there are many types of wipes you could use to clean yourself after accidents, it is best to use those meant for incontinence for maximum results. They are alcohol free and pH balanced so they don’t dry up your skin. They are hypoallergenic and fragrance free so even the most sensitive people can use them safely. They are large to protect you while cleaning up. They are low lint and don’t leave behind material during use. Look for packets with a resealable package to keep the wipes moist.


Incontinence Accessories

There are more products available to you besides incontinence pads, adult nappies and pullups, booster pads, and incontinence bed pads. You can also buy specialty toilet paper that is balanced in strength and softness. You can get rolled or interlocking paper towels for drying your hands after a visit to the washroom. There are even eco-friendly options if you don’t like paper waste. Another option is to get gloves for a mess-free cleanup. There are also bin liners and garbage bags specifically designed for incontinence products so no leaking or tearing occurs.


An Assortment of Products

From incontinence pads to incontinence bed pads, there are a variety of products for men and women you can choose from. There is no need to hide at home for fear of accidents or other noticeable signs of your condition. You can have the security and confidence you need to live a full and engaging life.


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