Types of Incontinence Products

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You’ll find several types of incontinence products in the market, and they’ll all help you manage bladder or bowel control problems. 

Adult diapers

Adult diapers are the most popular choice for incontinence. These diapers are worn inside the underwear to prevent urine leaks. You’ll find several choices when it comes to diapers. They work with the same principle of nappies and come with a hydrophobic layer that keeps the wetness away from the surface, so you can stay dry. 

Pull-up underwear
Pull-up underwear can be worn just like regular underwear. It comes with leg cuffs to make sure that the wetness does not leak out. Available in various sizes and colors, pull-up underwear come with elastic bands at the waist to give a snug fit. The fabric used by this underwear is breathable so that you can relax and live comfortably. The only problem with this product is that you need to completely take off your pants and shoes to change it.

Booster pads
If you have a large urine output or are going on a long trip, you would need some extra support. Booster pads can be worn inside your diaper or pull-up underwear to help you stay clean and dry for a long time. These pads can be taped off and stuck to the inner surface of your regular incontinence product. However, make sure you use incontinence pads and not female sanitary pads, as they do not absorb as much and can cause skin problems.

There are different brands that manufacture all these incontinence products. You can talk to your doctor and find out the one that suits you the best.

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