Travelling with Incontinence

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Be it vacation or business trips, travel has now become an integral part of our lives. It is also one of the biggest joys of life. The thought of travelling to some exotic holiday destination is extremely exciting. 

However, an overactive bladder might spoil all the fun, making it an anxious time. The thought of anxiously searching for restrooms in the new city might leave you baffled about travelling. Well, relax, you do not have to freak out as there are various precautions and incontinence products available in the market, which help you in efficiently handling incontinence. Therefore, it is certainly possible to successfully travel with incontinence issues. After all, you are not the only one with an overactive bladder!

On-going bladder problems make it difficult to cope up when you are travelling. Hence, individuals with incontinence often tend to drop or keep avoiding the execution of their travel plans. Besides, this also makes individuals to stop carrying out activities, which they once enjoyed. However, there is no reason to stop yourself from exploring new destinations or going ahead with your business trips, as long as you stay prepared. Preparing your bladder several weeks before the anticipated travel date with bladder training techniques will let you travel without fearing about toileting accidents.

A combination of advanced planning and effective incontinence products will work wonders. Planning ahead and analyzing your needs well in advance helps you in preventing the hassles and embarrassment associated with incontinence, while you are travelling. This makes your trip so much more exciting and enjoyable. Here are some tips to feel comfortable and stay dry on a vacation, without bothering yourself or your fellow passengers.

Plan Ahead

Plan in advance by analyzing every stage of your trip. You can then either pack the necessities or train your bladder accordingly or do both to tackle incontinence while travelling. Make room for some extra products to stay prepared for unanticipated delays. For instance, airport delays are common and might create an urge to urinate frequently. Planning ahead can be done by.

  • Booking early and talking to the travel professionals about your incontinence needs
  • Booking well in advance and reserving the ideal seat, which might be near the aisle or nearest to the toilet
  • Inquiring about extra luggage allowance, particularly when you plan to take large supplies of incontinence products
  • Notifying the airline staff while booking; they might call you on to the plane first. This gives you time to carefully organize yourself and calmly arrange your things for easy and quick access to your incontinence products
  • If you are travelling by bus, you can go for final urination just before boarding and also change your incontinence products if required. This ensures that you stay clean and dry throughout your journey without any need for on-board changes
  • If you are travelling by car, then you have an added advantage of urinating as frequently as you want. Here, you can plan your toilet stops for easing anxiety. Besides, you can also use National Public Toilet Maps to reduce anxiety

Smart Usage of Right Continence Products

  • Opt for higher-capacity incontinence products than the normal ones, as these help you better in staying dry and fresh for longer periods of time
  • Make a detailed analysis and estimate the exact product supply, which you might require for your trip. Purchase or order a little extra for your trip before the trip commences
  • Double-check every waiting time that comes between different points of your journey. These include total layover time as well as connection time, to name a few. These might add to the number of products, which you might have to carry
  • Pack sufficient continence products in your carry bag. This keeps you equipped for lost luggage or journey delays
  • If you tend to frequently use a large number of continence products, then pack a huge bathroom bag and carry bag with ample supplies. Also, pack a few in your smaller shoulder bag for handy access, while your bulk supply can be packed and stored in the overhead locker
  • You can also tightly roll up and pack some of the plastic bags, or use absorbent product-disposal bags

If you are planning for long stays, then instead of carrying all the products at once, you can order a few to the holiday destination by updating the delivery address

Planning Your On-Board Toilet Visits

Apart from using best of the incontinence products, it is also necessary to plan your toilet visits onboard. Here are some tips that help you:

  • Make regular toilet visits, as longer hours of sitting might numb your senses a little, thereby not making you realize that you might have leaked. Therefore, visit washroom at regular intervals, even if you do not have an urge to urinate
  • People who are on board a train, plane or bus tend to drink at same time intervals. Therefore, everyone would want to use the toilet at the same time. Hence, plan your fluid intake to watch out on the lull in the toilet traffic
  • Crossing time zones might disrupt your normal body patterns, which includes urination time as well
  • Some people also have the tendency to flood urine while the plane is landing. This could be due to the change in cabin pressure. However, for some even suddenly standing up from a resting position, like sitting, will also cause urine flooding
  • It is also a good idea to change your continence product just before the landing of the plane. This is because, you might not know when the seat belts would be turned on or how the facilities are at arrival or even how far are they located
  • When flying, you can also change the continence product for one last time after arriving at your destination, this keeps you dry through the passport control, customs as well as transport to your accommodation. For some flights with long security checks the waiting time might get longer than you anticipate

Other Generic Travel Tips to Tackle Incontinence on the Go


  • Try wearing darker clothes, as they easily hide any unanticipated leakages and are also easy to change while travelling
  • Carry a wash kit as well as extra clothing to change in case of emergencies
  • Eat light, this keeps you comfortable and eliminates the feeling of being bloated or feel queasy. This also helps you overcome digestion issues and will also regularize your body clock, which tend to get upset with long travel hours
  • Prepare yourself for vomiting, constipation and tummy upsets and keep medicines handy to relieve yourself from such conditions
  • Drink lots of ‘good’ fluids, such as water. This is because, the air conditioning in the plane might dry or dehydrate you
  • Never cut down on the vital fluids to reduce the urge for frequent urination. This can make things worse
  • Avoid caffeine and alcoholic products, which include, alcoholic beverages, tea, coffee, fizzy drinks, and chocolate drinks, to name a few, as they are bladder irritants. Even acidic foods and citrus fruits should also be avoided
  • Keep stretching or take brisk walks as and when possible. This facilitate digestion and blood circulation. Some of the seated exercises recommended by the airlines are also good

Realistic planning and a little extra care will help you enjoy your vacation without worrying about your incontinence.

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