4 Easy Tips for Preventing Diaper Leaks

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Your incontinence products are there to offer you a sense of protection and security, no matter what you’re doing. However, sometimes, the diaper will just leak, causing embarrassment and possibly a revealing urine spot before you get back home and change into clean clothes.

Here are some tips to prevent a diaper leak:


Get the right product: Depending upon your needs, get a diaper of the right size and absorbency. For example, if you have a big urine output and almost no control over your bladder, you should wear a highly absorbent diaper. If your briefs are too big or too small according to your body size, there are chances that your diaper will leak. 

Change your diaper on time: This is pretty obvious, but there are many times when people wait for too long to change their diaper, and subsequently it starts leaking. Changing diapers on time will not just prevent leaks, but will also protect you against rashes.

Brief with leg guards: With standing leg guards, there are very few chances that the diaper will leak. Such briefs have leg cuffs inside, and they will contain any leak, if it happens.

Using booster pads: With a booster pad, you can extend the absorbency of a washable or disposable undergarment. Booster pads are also called doublers and are generally used during the night or on a long trip. Males should position the pad towards the front and females should position it towards the back.

Different people have different requirements, so you need to try out many products to see which one suits you the best.

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