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500ml Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser Pack Of 12

Our instant hand sanitiser is an antimicrobial gel that contains 70% alcohol to help reduce the numb...

Elka Clear Vinyl Gloves Powder Free Carton Of 1000

Product Code: EKCVPF Material: Clear vinyl powder free (latex free) Size: Small, Medium, Larg...

Face Masks 3 Ply Disposable – Pack Of 50

FEATURES 50 masks per pack Pleated style with ear loops High filtration efficiency fofr pr...

Germicide Instant Hand Sanitiser – 5L

Through out the day, you are exposed to thousands of types of germs. Different types of viral diseas...

Germicide Quat 5L – Hospital Grade Disinfectant Sanitiser Cleaner


Multipurpose Antibacterial Sanitising Wipes – 75% Alcohol

Pack of 50 – Carton of 24 Packs 75% Alcohol 50 sheets with flip-top per pack She...

The Importance of Personal protective equipment (PPE)

Fast acting anti-bacterial and germicidal sanitising gels and disposable protective equipment are must for frontline workers who are exposed to serious infection and transmissible diseases. Hospital grade disinfectants for cleaning and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in Australia are specifically designed for healthcare and hospital workers. Our high-grade personal protective equipment products work as a strong barrier between the user and potentially harmful germs and viruses. To mitigate and minimise the risks, personal protective equipment (PPE) in hospitals and aged care facilities must be worn by all staff at all times to ensure a safe and healthy workplace.

Wide range of excellent quality personal protective equipment in healthcare Australia

Our personal protective equipment range has a variety of preventive equipment including powder-free vinyl gloves, and breathable comfy face masks which provide a comprehensive level of protection. In addition, we offer antibacterial hand sanitisers and hospital grade disinfectant cleaners to which meet the personal protective equipment at work regulations.

Where to use personal protective equipment

Any person working in a medical, child care or aged-care facility is at risk from coming into contact with germs and viruses.  Anyone who comes into contact with a vulnerable or sick person must remain protected from susceptible infections by having access to, and wearing PPE. Ensure your facility is always fully stocked with a range of high quality personal protective equipment and easily available to all employees and visitors who require it.

Benefits of using personal protective equipment

  • Instant protection and ultra-hygienic
  • Protects against germs, irritants and harmful chemicals
  • Essential for safe and secure work environment
  • Essential equipment  for health of employees at hospitals and healthcare centers
  • Minimises exposure to a variety of hazards such as dust, chemical smells, germs, viruses and bacteria