Maintaining A Healthy Bladder

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The bladder

The urinary bladder is an organ inside your pelvis. Made of muscles, it is used to store urine. When the bladder is empty, it is just about as big as a pear. Your kidneys perform the filtering action and produce urine, which travels down the ureters into the bladder.

The bladder has a lining of muscles that stretch when urine is stored in it. After urination, the muscles of the bladder contract and the valves allow urine to pass. The urine goes from bladder to urethra and out of the body. When your bladder is full, you will feel like relieving yourself. When you are suffering from incontinence, the urine will pass without a “full” feeling.

Do you have a healthy bladder?

A healthy bladder:


·         Can store about 400-600ml of urine. You’ll start to have a sensation to empty it when it has 200-300ml.

·         Empties every 3-4 hours (4-8 times a day)

·         May wake you up once or twice each night to pass urine

·         Signals when it’s full, but also gives enough time so that you can find a toilet

·         Does not leak urine

·         Empties completely every time you release urine


Keep your bladder healthy

To stay healthy, make sure you keep a healthy weight. With extra fat in your body, there will be pressure on your bladder that can lead to incontinence. You can also practice some Kegel exercises that have several benefits. Make sure to relieve yourself whenever you feel the need. Holding the urine in for long periods of time can be bad for your bladder as well as kidneys. Also, if you’re on a certain medication, you can talk to your doctor to give you a medicine that goes easy on the bladder.


With the right care, you can keep your bladder healthy and avoid incontinence for a long time.

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