Key Statistics Related to Incontinence

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Incontinence is a problem that is not widely talked about – mainly because of the embarrassment that comes with it. However, it’s important to discuss it with your doctor to be able to manage the problem easily. It’s very common, and discussing it will help you live a more comfortable life. In fact, more than 4.8 million people in Australia suffer from bladder/bowel incontinence. Here are some more statistics to show its extensive nature.


Bladder incontinence

·         Bladder incontinence affects as many as 13 percent of Australian men and 37 percent of Australian women.

·         Almost 65 percent of women and 30 percent of men visiting the doctor report some kind of bladder incontinence, but only 31 percent of these people look for medical help for their urinary issue.

·         As many as 70 percent of people suffering from urine leakage do not look for medical assistance for it.

·         An Australian research found that during a period of three months, almost 50 percent women in the age group of 45-59 years experienced varying degrees of urinary incontinence.

·         Urge incontinence is very prevalent, and is generally associated with prostate problems. Young males have very low chances of suffering from it, and the risk goes up by 30 percent for males in the age group of 70-84, and 50 percent for men over the age of 85.


Bowel incontinence

·         Almost 20 percent of Australian men and 12.9 percent of Australian women suffer from bowel incontinence.

·         Fecal incontinence is a major cause for being admitted to an old age care home.



·         About 77 percent of Australian elderly nursing home residents get affected by incontinence, and almost 40-60 percent of people in these nursing homes will wet their beds tonight.


As you can see, incontinence affects almost everyone at some stage in their life. If you or your loved one is suffering from it, make sure you talk about it and get the right directions to manage your life better.

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