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Goldies Adult Wipes 33cm x 23cm (50 Sheets Per Pack)

Goldies Adult Wipes 23cm x 33cm - 50 Sheets Per Pack   Thick and strong yet very soft. ...
$6.50 $5.80

Disposable Incontinence Wipes at Wholesale Prices

Incontinence wipes are very different to normal facial wipes or baby wipes. They are specifically designed to assist the user dealing with adult incontinence and using adult incontinence pants.  As with a baby wearing a nappy, adult incontinence pants hold urine and make the skin clammy to the touch and damp.

IPD offer larger in size adult incontinence wipes for a more hygienic and faster cleanup process as they cover a wider area. They are also thicker so as to avoid splitting and tearing and come in multipacks for frequent usage. Our incontinence wipes are designed for adult skin and so anti-allergenic and harsh chemical free. These wipes are disposable, manufactured for quick disposal and hygienic usage. No need for linen, or reusable rags or flannels to be used.

Incontinence wipes are not likely to be found in the aisles of your local grocery store or at your neighborhood pharmacy. They are usually used in professional situations such as in care homes, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, doctors’ surgeries and hospitals. Nurses and care professionals use adult incontinence wipes for a hygienic and fast professional clean in between incontinence pant changes.

Buy wipes from Incontinence Products Direct

Cleaning up after someone has used an incontinence pant is no fun and you will want to complete the task quickly, efficiently and without fear of contamination and tearing. Our incontinence wipe covers adult area so it reduces waste of using multiple average sized wipes.

Buy incontinence wipes online at Incontinence Products Direct for wholesale pricing and save money. Our wipes are alcohol free, PH balanced, hypoallergenic, low lint and fragrance free.  If you want to buy a bulk quantity of adult wipes please call us today to discuss pricing.