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Incontinence Bed Pads - Highly Absorbent and Super Soft

Incontinence bed pads are a disposable pads placed on beds of incontinence sufferers. They are large, thin, absorbent pads which are fitted underneath or, on top of bed sheets to absorb excess or leaked urine which can happen overnight while the incontinence sufferer is sleeping and unaware, or unable to control their bladder.

Incontinence Products Direct stock high quality bed pads at low prices. Material of our disposable bed pads for incontinence is highly absorbent and some also soak up the smell which can come from stale urine. The purpose of the pad is to protect the mattress below from staining, wetness and smell which can come from urine leakage.

Cheapest Incontinence Bed Pads for Adults

The tip to buying the cheapest incontinence bed pads is to buy in bulk along with other required incontinence products from one supplier and save on buying in bulk lots. If you are caring for, or using adult incontinence products it can work out expensive, therefore IPD offer cheapest disposable incontinence bed pads that can help with the monthly household budget.

Incontinence bed liners cannot often be found at the local supermarket or at the neighborhood drugstore. Although there are over 4 million Australians who are currently suffering from urinary incontinence, it can still be deeply embarrassing for the purchaser to line up to purchase an incontinence item in public.

With that being said, purchasing incontinence bedding products online is a great way to solve a problem and also give the purchaser many benefits! Firstly, the stigma, anxiety and embarrassment of purchasing disposable incontinence pads for beds are instantly removed.  Also, Incontinence product direct offer huge discounts and delivery to your home in purchasing of incontinence bed pads for adults online. 

We are a leading name in market for providing incontinence pads, incontinence pants and incontinence bed pads and can supply all your disposable incontinence product needs in one place at wholesale discounts.