Impact Of Pelvic Floor Muscles On Incontinence

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Pelvic floor muscles run between your legs from the pubic bone to the base of the spine. Shaped like a sling, these muscles are responsible for holding your pelvic organs in place. They also support your bowel and bladder, and let you control your motion when you pass urine. They contract and relax to help you urinate.

Keeping the muscles healthy

Your pelvic muscles will get weaker as you age. Another common reason for weak pelvic muscles is childbirth. With weakened muscles, you can face problems like urinary incontinence. If you suffer from stress incontinence (leaking urine with a sneeze or cough), you can practice pelvic floor exercises. These exercises are suitable for both men and women.

Exercising your pelvic floor muscles

When you exercise your pelvic floor muscles, you can avoid the problems of incontinence. Also known as Kegel exercises, they help you have a better control over your bladder. Here’s how you can exercise your pelvic floor muscles:

How to know which muscles are pelvic floor:

Imagine you are urinating. Now try to stop it mid-flow. The muscles you exercise are pelvic floor muscles.


Sit comfortably on the mat and squeeze your pelvic muscles about 10-15 times in a row. Make sure you don’t tighten your stomach or hold your breath while squeezing these muscles. They are also safe for pregnant women. Once you get used to squeezing these muscles, you can increase the reps and hold each squeeze for a couple of seconds extra. However, make sure you don’t overdo it.


The results won’t show overnight, but you should be able to see them in just a few months. These exercises will improve your sensitivity during sex, and lower the problem of incontinence. Make sure you don’t stop doing these exercises even if you think you have started to benefit from them.

Below are some examples of exercises that are perfect for strenghening your pelvic floor muscles.

perlvic floor exercises incontinence     
perlvic floor exercises incontinence

perlvic floor exercises incontinence

perlvic floor exercises incontinence

perlvic floor exercises incontinence


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