Getting A Good Nights Sleep With Bladder Problems

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As we get older, it’s common to experience the middle of the night call to the bathroom. It can be annoying, and more often than not brushed off as ‘just getting old’, but it can be a sign of a more serious bladder problem which should be treated by your doctor.


Irregular or disturbed sleep patterns can disrupt the bladder and cause a catch-22 effect of restless sleep and toilet visits during the night and there are proven links between sleep apnea, bladder leakage and incontinence.


How does sleep apnea cause bladder leakage?

Here’s the science bit; Sleep apnea is when breathing is interrupted, or stops momentarily while you sleep. This stops the heart pumping blood, and when the heart kicks back in, the blood rushes through and gives a signal to your brain that you are full of fluid. The amazing feat of biology which is the human body means that the brain then activates the kidneys to dispel of any liquid, which can result in a late night trip to the bathroom, or wetting the bed.


Reducing toilet trips and accidents while you sleep.

The very first thing you should do if night-time trips to the bathroom become more frequent, or result in bed wetting is to see your doctor. Incontinence and bladder problems are far more common than you think, and maybe a signal to an underlying medical issue, so it’s worth getting checked out. There are also some everyday tips to reduce interruption.

1. Get a GP check up and test for possible sleep apnea

2. Aim for a regular sleep routine

3. Limit your liquid intake 1-2 hours before bed, avoid foods high in water content such as melon and salads

4. Reduce your general intake of caffeine and alcohol

5. Visit the bathroom just before you fall asleep

6. Sleep in peace and comfort with the protection of incontinence underwear


The human brain can subconsciously worry about an accident’ during the night, and this can affect the depth and periods of uninterrupted sleep you get. To give yourself the best chance of a peaceful sleep without underlying worry and anxiety, wear some incontinence underwear, or pull-ups to bed. They are comfortable and discreet and can help you drift off into regular, deep slumber, which is essential for good health.


If you are embarrassed about buying incontinence products, have no fear! There are plenty of online stores who can offer you easy purchase and discreet delivery of your products to your home at discounted prices. You can avoid the awkward queue in the chemist or supermarket and have peace of mind while you sleep, free from worry.  

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