Adult Diapers Vs. Pull-up Underwear

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If you’re suffering from incontinence, there are two main products that you’ll surely come across – adult diapers and pull-up underwear. Both of them are absorbent and offer care for people suffering from incontinence. Let’s compare them to see the features they offer.


Adult diapers
Adult diapers have been around for many years. You’ll find these products from various brands, but all of them would have some common features, such as a tape to stick the sides together, absorbent core, and stretchy waist bands.

These products are not gender specific and come in various sizes. Also known as adult briefs, they can come with leg cuffs. They are generally ideal for bladder and fecal incontinence problems. These diapers are disposable and are highly absorbent on the inside. Their elastic legs make sure that it doesn’t leak. Their soft material minimizes the possibility of rashes, and they come with refastenable tabs so that you can check for wetness.

adult nappies

Protective pull-up underwear
These are pull-up products that are breathable and absorbent, and their elastic waistbands make wearing them more comfortable. Some models also have standing leg cuffs to prevent leakage. Protective underwear is excellent for incontinent people who are always on the go. It fits perfectly under your clothing and is a discrete option. Protective underwear is gender neutral as well, and can be worn by men as well as women. 

Available in various sizes, protective underwear is absorbent, light, and breathable. If you need extra protection, you can always use a booster pad inside your protective underwear. There are several options for these incontinence products, and some of them come in feminine patterns and colors. 

adult pullup pants

Which one of them is better? Well, you need to try both of them to find out which suits you. There are many people who prefer adult diapers, and then there are those who like pull-up underwear.

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